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A World Divided - Roles Guide

Here is a general guide for the what the different roles are in the game. Some advice is given for which roles players might have a preference for, but all roles, (with the possible exception of Control) should be enjoyable for any type of player who is interested in decision making, politics or diplomacy.

Colony Governments

The majority of players in this game represent the the governments of Rosal's FAS-Governed Colonies. Each team represents one Colony's government, and is made up of a number of different roles. Teams vary in size depending on the size of the Colony, but most will be between 3 and 5 players.

Head of Government
The head of government leads and coordinates the team. Larger teams may have a deputy to assist in their duties.

Military Commander
One of the players will control any combat and intelligence units at the main map. This player also keeps the team informed of the action on the map.

The focal point for inter-team communication. They will visit other teams and report the information learned back to their own team. Diplomats are very important as the eyes and ears of the team elsewhere. All teams will have at least one Diplomat, but larger teams may have more to represent their greater influence and responsibilities.

Trade Rep

Some teams will have a player who is responsible for performing and encouraging trade between their team and others. They will likely be travelling to other teams and discussing the supply and demand of certain resources, such as weapons.

Rosal Assembly

The Rosal Assembly as a whole will be trying to convince Colonies to join their side whilst defending themselves from the FAS. As a political body, they will also be trying to make decisions and create policies to help achieve their objectives.


The Assembly team has 2 military commanders and 8 representatives, one from each of the Major Colonies. Groups of players booking as Colony teams may want to reserve one of their spaces as their Colony's Assembly Representative, but keep in mind that this player would spend much of their time away from the rest of the team.

Military Commander

The Rosal Assembly has two military commanders to manage the units being used in their rebellion. These function much like those of the Colony Governments, though they have an additional important role of managing recruitment actions.


Assembly Representative

Each Colony has their own Representative player on the Rosal Assembly team. A primary responsibility of this role is to ensure that their Colony Team's wants and concerns are represented. Though they may find their loyalties split if the wants of a colony go against those of the Assembly.

FAS Representatives

Political Representatives

3 players will represent the members of the FAS government responsible for Colonies, for Defence and for Finances. Each will be overseeing all of the actions on Rosal, making decisions and creating policy to work towards their objectives. Though they have common goals, each of the three members will have different focuses for their own personal success.

Military Task Force

5 players will represent a small hierarchy of officers directly controlling the military forces being sent to Rosal. These players will be spending a lot of time discussing strategy and moving units, but should also expect some diplomatic and negotiation challenges as the most significant FAS presence on the planet.

First Settlers Groups

These mysterious long-lost inhabitants of Rosal have their own unknown objectives and internal politics. Each First Settler team is made up of 2 players.


1 player on each team will be the leader of their Group. This player is responsible for making decisions and negotiating with other players.


1 player on the team is responsible for commanding all raiding and combat units on the map. They may also be called on to perform diplomatic missions depending on the Group's priorities.

Other Powers


The FAS aren't the only significant power on Earth. Their rivals will be observing the situation carefully and looking to capitalise. There will be a single 2 player team representing this faction. This team would be better suited to players that enjoy a more independent game of quiet diplomacy and careful espionage.

News Media


Learning of events and reporting The Truth. The News Media team has more flexibility to move and talk to represent their wider reach, and they'll be using this to learn of important events and broadcasting them to the rest of the game. This team is suited to between 3 and 5 players.


Around 10 Players will be helping to run the game and manage certain parts of the experience. The Control Team are effectively a team of GMs ensuring that the rules are applied properly, and allowing players to interact with parts of the game that aren't established by existing mechanics. This role is best suited to people who have attended a megagame before or who are familiar with this sort of responsibility.

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