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Reservations for Urban Nightmare: Ouisconsin - Reading - 24/03/18

Note: this game was played on 24/03/18. Reservations/bookings are no longer available. If you are interested in playing a megagame, take a look at the games coming in future in the Upcoming Games section.

Before reserving at any of our games, please ensure you have read our Important Information page.

You can reserve your place for 'Urban Nightmare: Ouisconsin' in Reading (24/03/18) by filling out the form below. We will reply to your email within a few days to confirm your reservation. No payment is required for reservations.


If you have a preference for which role you would like to play (see the 'Urban Nightmare: Ouisconsin' Roles Guide), please also include this in the reservation. If you wish to play on a team with a particular group of people, you should also include this in the reservation - the numbers of players in each type of team is also explained in the roles guide.

If you have any medical or other requirements that you believe may be relevant to the game, please let us know.

You may reserve multiple spaces at once, but you must give a name and email address for every player. 

Booking is currently open, and those with reserved spaces (that are not on the waiting list) must confirm their place by booking their ticket. Tickets are £25 per standard player, £15 for News Media, and £5 for Control.