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By Other Means - Roles Guide

Here is a general guide for the what the different roles are in the game. Some advice is given which might help players determine which roles they have a preference for.

Unlike many megagames, By Other Means does not have any set mechanical roles - all players will be taking part in various meetings and making consensus decisions about the gameplay on the map. As such, the Roles guide will let you know about the various factions in case you have a preference, and how many players each has, in case you are putting one or more teams together.

Pro-Imperial Factions


The Imperial House of Storvik

Team Size: 5

The Huangdi Empire spans half the known galaxy. The Imperial House of Storvik, hereditary rulers of the Empire, owns a quarter of the Imperial worlds, but the remainder of its subjects enjoy a great deal of independence. The Imperial House has great influence both within and outside of the Empire, but must constantly balance the needs of its vassals to maintain its position. The badge of the Imperial House is the chalice, representing generosity and grandeur.

The Grand Duchy of Storvik

Team Size: 3

The Grand Duchy of Storvik has seen better days, but remains a force to be reckoned with. They remain close allies of their cousins in the Imperial House, with regular intermarriages reinforcing the connection. Known for their wealth and opulence, the Grand Duchy believes strongly in the cybernetic ban. The badge of the Grand Duchy is the crane, symbolising vigilance and endurance.

The Kingdom of Bulan

Team Size: 3

The Kingdom of Bulan is one of the more powerful Imperial vassals, and also deeply conservative. A deeply hierarchical society, Bulan is defined by their military traditions, and successful generals are rewarded with higher feudal rank. While they have worked hard to keep comparative independence within their own territory, they also consistently send their elite forces to fight on the Empire’s behalf. The badge of Bulan is the battleship, representing their military might.

The Duchy of Mordai

Team Size: 1

The Duchy of Mordai was created by the Emperor as a buffer zone between Occlurea and Skane. Mordai is recognised as a centre of learning and innovation. Their rulers are seen as lazy plutocrats, who align themselves with the Imperial House. In public, they oppose cybernetics, but in practice turn a blind eye to cybernetic research, knowing it to be profitable. The badge of Mordai is the palace, demonstrating their preference for peace and prosperity.

Pro-Senatorial League Factions


The Occlurean Principality

Team Size: 4

The Occlurean Principality is one of the Empire’s greatest vassals, famed for its wisdom and diplomacy. While they often attract the ire of the Storviks for opposing their plans within the Senate, the Occlureans believe strongly in the Imperial ideal. Their network of political favours and treaties often allow them to command the Imperial Senate, acting as a counterbalance to the Emperor’s power. The badge of Occlurea is the annulet, signifying the value of tradition.

The Skane Palatinate

Team Size: 2

The Skane Palatinate has long been a haven of technological advancement and scholarship, and has been openly using cybernetic technology for longer than any other nation. Merchants as well as innovators, they control territory inside and outside of the Empire. This is a source of great profit for them, and helps maintain a fair amount of independence. The badge of Skane is the Navigator’s Crown, an ancient Earth icon signifying wisdom and travel.

The Izurid Emirates

Team Size: 3

The Izurid Emirates are a vassal of the Grand Duchy of Storvik. Their reputation as clever merchants is well-earned - they have established themselves as a hub for galactic trade. They have frequently rebelled against their masters, both economically and militarily, but remain a vassal. Their trade tariffs are a major source of Storvik income, a fact which they bitterly resent. The badge of the Emirates is the balance, promising fair dealing and considered action.

The Algan Confederation

Team Size: 3

The Algan Confederation are rumoured to have allies (and enemies) beyond the “known” galaxy. Certainly they are frequently raided by unknown vessels. Their worlds show more of the scars of war than most, and perhaps as a result, they tend to place a lower value on life than other nations. They are for the most part isolationist, but keep a close eye on their neighbours. The badge of the Algan Confederation is the horn, signifying courage and energy.

The Beylik of Phydan

Team Size: 3

The Beylik of Phydan is constantly aware that their proximity to the Empire and the Grand Duchy makes them a potential target, and have built a renowned intelligence network to secure themselves against invasion. Phydan are opposed to cybernetic technology, and severely punish its use, but they are also pragmatists, and have actively sought alliances with the pro-cybernetic powers in order to avoid Storvik dominance. The badge of Phydan is the lizard, representing self-reliance and good fortune.

The Kingdom of Ryol

Team Size: 1

The Kingdom of Ryol consists of the only two worlds of Erlang cluster not within the Empire. For this privilege, they pay a regular tribute to the Storviks, and participate in the Imperial levy when the Empire goes to war. The boyars - feudal lords - of Ryol have opposed any further alliance with the Empire; they are, however, happy to let the monarch negotiate this on their behalf. The badge of Ryol is the knot, signifying many parts together in unity.

Neutral Factions


The Thelian Syndicate

Team Size: 2

The Thelian Syndicate is the defence contractor to most of the galaxy - most fleets contain at least some Thelian vessels. Officially an Imperial subject, they have in practice enjoyed a semi-independent status within the Empire, and have not paid taxes for almost a century. The Syndicate maintains a careful neutrality - it is not uncommon for Thelian mercenaries to fight on both sides of a war without offending either party. The badge of the Thelians is the flame, representing strength in adversity.


The Tuith League

Team Size: 2

The Tuith League have long existed as raiders and pirates on the edge of the galaxy, resisting attempts to repress them. They enthusiastically embrace cybernetic technology, but they have opportunistically raided both sides in the ongoing conflict. The badge of the Tuith League is the naval stay - a strange symbol with no known origin, but seen as a source of good luck by the Tuith, especially when travelling in deep space.


A small team of players will be helping to run the game and manage certain parts of the experience. The Control Team are effectively a team of GMs ensuring that the rules are applied properly, and allowing players to interact with parts of the game that aren't established by existing mechanics. This role is best suited to people who have attended a megagame before or who are familiar with this sort of responsibility, but anyone is welcome to sign up if they are interested!

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