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Games for Sale

If you want to run your first megagame but want something tried and tested, or if your group wants to run more megagames and hasn't got one ready to go, or if you just want to run one of these specific games - then you can purchase the megagame packs below.

These digital design packs have everything you might need, including notes from the designer and a full production guide. You can also contact me at for any additional questions or advice.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like more information about a game before purchasing.

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Den of Wolves -  £200

Player Count: ~40 players (minimum 26); Requires 2-4 Control

'Den of Wolves' is a game about a small fleet of interstellar vessels trying to balance survival, politics and military challenges as they attempt to stay one step ahead of their pursuers. The game revolves around a delicate balance between politics and the military, combined with a long-term crisis situation where survival is at stake. More information is available on the game's main page.

To purchase the pack for Den of Wolves - just send an email to

Den of Wolves is gold standard megagame design with deceptively simple gameplay that engages new players and veterans alike.


Gothenburg Megagames

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Den of Wolves is a highly engaging game with a great setting and intuitive mechanics. It's a five-star game that I would recommend to anyone who wants to run megagames.



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'Heist!' -  £25/Pay What You Want

Player Count: 10 (Minimum 6), Requires 1 or 2 GMs

Play Time: ~4 to 5 hours

'Heist!' is an asymmetric crime caper that puts players in the roles of both a heist crew inside a bank, and the authorities outside trying to stop them. Players join one of two teams - either the misfit thieves, trying to manage the confusion within the bank and keep their team together, or the authorities, working on securing the outside of the bank and gaining key information, while managing their own internal politics.

'Heist!' is an RPG with a large player count that is inspired by megagames, and is part of a growing genre of smaller, megagame-like experiences often called 'Mini-Megagames' or 'Kilogames'. Its smaller size makes it useful for those curious about playing or running a megagame, who want something less complex and more accessible.

'Heist!' has a number of elements that are all directly inspired by megagames: asymmetric play; emphasis on simulation and narrative-based gameplay; character role-play; and a gameplay focus on player communication and imperfect information. It's an easy way to get a first taste of megagaming, or for the more experienced,  it's a fun and familiar story-building game!

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'Heist!' is a game with something for everyone to enjoy. Having the freedom to play a character however I wanted made each play-through unique and full of surprises. 'Heist!' is the perfect game for people who enjoy playing by thinking creatively!


'Heist!' Player

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Play Online 

'Heist!' can be played in the traditional 'in-person' style, but it also comes with instructions for playing the game fully online, with an online set up guide and modified resources for ease of use on Discord and Roll20.

Pay What You Want

As everyone could do with some fun distractions right now, I am currently offering the game with a 'Pay What You Want' model. The suggested price is £25, but you can get the game for whatever amount you'd like. This also means that if you or a friend are looking for an opportunity to try out megagames, it's a great time to give 'Heist!' a go!

To get the full pack for 'Heist!' - just send an email to

Please note, these packs are only digital materials. If you wish to purchase some or all of the physical components required, feel free to contact me, and it may be possible to negotiate manufacturing and shipping these to you.

As I often run these games myself, I may not be able to sell a game pack to you if I decide it is going to have a significant impact on my ability to run a future game. I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Anyone buying a design pack must not sell or distribute them to a third party. These packs are only to used by the purchaser to run games themselves.

In order to purchase a pack, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions.

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