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Den of Wolves


Game Description

"It is the 27th Century and human society has spread to multiple planets. Despite political differences and internal problems, most of humanity is at peace. The various factions, spread across multiple star systems, are governed by the Interstellar Council.

This all changed eighteen days ago when the military of Wolf-1061, an insular and secretive planet-state, launched a massive, catastrophic attack against the other inhabited planets. Through a mixture of cyber-attacks, espionage and sabotage, they managed to disable the vast majority of the Interstellar Council's military, and went on to devastate their targets on the various planets.

Through the chaos, the battleship ICSS Aegis was able to survive the attack and escape to interstellar space. It soon found itself protecting and aiding numerous civilian vessels attempting to escape the Wolf forces. The "Survivor Fleet", as it has come to be known, must now provide critical resources for its survivors and vessels, whilst simultaneously trying to maintain government and social order, and mount an effective defence against pursuing Wolf forces."


'Den of Wolves' is a game about difficult political, military and survival choices in a long-term crisis scenario. Players will take on the roles of starship captains, officers, and engineers, as well as politicians and military personnel. The game has a focus on managing resources, as well as various units and assets – however, talking and negotiating with other players will be crucial in order to achieve success. The game also seeks to represent political and military systems, and their decisions, and so players should expect some political simulation.

Den of Wolves is a staple of the genre, likely the second-most played megagame in the world (after Watch The Skies), with its mix of tense, survival-focused rules and freeform individual narrative elements proving extremely popular.


What do the different roles do?


If you are interested in the game, you can look at the Roles Guide to find out more about the different playable roles and determine which is right for you.

Can I run Den of Wolves?

If you are interested in running Den of Wolves yourself, you can purchase the design pack on the 'Games for Sale' page, which has more information.

Where can I play Den of Wolves?


South West Megagames are running Den of Wolves in the following locations. If you want to know when new games are announced, email us and ask to be added to our mailing list!

Den of Wolves - Bristol - 27/07/24

The game will be held at Frenchay Village Hall (Beckspool Rd, Frenchay, Winterbourne, Bristol BS16 1NU) on the 27th of July 2024. The game will run all day from about 10 am to about 5pm.

Reservations are currently open to reserve a place in the game - to sign up for the game and secure you or your team's spot, go to the Reservation Page.

Bookings are currently open to pay for your place in the game - tickets are £25 per standard player, and £5 for Control.  If you have a confirmed reservation, you can pay your booking on the Booking Page.

To see the list of roles and all the provisional player assignments, you can go to the Cast List.

You can also join the Facebook group for more information and updates.

You can also follow our Facebook Page or Twitter to be notified of new developments:

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