Note: all SWMG megagames are currently on hold due to coronavirus. Feel free to browse the games below and submit a reservation (or send an email to to show your interest in a game. All games will be rescheduled to a better time in future - all who have signed up to a game will be informed of its new date once it is known.

When aliens arrive on Earth, how will the nations of the world, along with corporations, the media and other international organisations, react to this unpredictable development?

In an alternative history 1970s, the USA and the USSR are rapidly developing bases on the moon in a duel for supremacy. Can they handle the political, logistical, scientific and security challenges, all while trying to make sure that the Cold War doesn't go hot?

In 1950s Cuba, different factions fight each other for control of the country's future, whilst trying not to get torn apart by their own internal divisions.

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