Professional Applications

Anyone who has played a megagame can tell you that this type of gaming experience can provide more than just entertainment. Megagames are based on simulations of realistic events, and as such they have a lot to teach about how complicated resolving crises and other large scale challenges can be.


Large scale games like this can be designed for businesses and other organisations, with the aim of teaching valuable lessons about:


  • Information management

  • Resource management

  • Efficient communication

  • Teamwork, management and delegation skills


And much more!


Where a lecture or a book can only tell you information, a game can put you in the heart of the problem, and allows you to learn by working through the issues yourself - allowing you to experience the challenge and explore your own solutions. It's also an experience that many find more exciting than a normal presentation or lecture!

Smaller games are also available for as few as half a dozen people, whilst still carrying over the core principles of the larger games. If you're interested in a new experience with valuable learning potential, contact us at and we'll be happy to discuss the type of package that's right for you.