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Relics of the Fall

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Roles Guide for 'Relics of the Fall'

Game Description

"The Indus Wilds are a range of mountains that form a barrier between two great nations. To the north, the Steel Empire rules over the wide steppes with an iron fist and a spiked boot. To the south, the Silk City States form a trade network that spans from the deserts in the west to the jungles of the south east.

Within the wilds themselves are the Wilder Societies. Nomads who have chosen to leave the security of Silk or Steel for the hardships and freedoms of the wild mountains. They cannot stand against an empire directly, but the terrain, their speed and their solidarity are their best defence. And if those fail there are the Relic-Mechs: combat walkers From the era before the End Time that broke the world - they may not be a match for an entire legion head-to-head but their lost technology and superior mobility makes them a thorn that is hard to ignore.​"


Gameplay in Relics of the Fall is a mix of building and resource management, moving combat units on the map, negotiation, and roleplaying. Different factions and roles will vary with how much they interact with each of these elements, but they are all strongly interconnected. As with most megagames, communication, either within your own team or in key negotiations with others, is a large part of the game.


Relics of the Fall is designed by John Keyworth, a megagame and RPG veteran, and has been run several times already for Reading Megagames and Cambridge Megagames to a very positive response.

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What do the different roles do?


If you are interested in the game, you can look at the Roles Guide to find out more about the different playable roles and determine which is right for you.

Where can I play Relics of the Fall?

South West Megagames are not currently running any games of Relics of the Fall. If you want to know when new games are announced, email us and ask to be added to our mailing list!

You can also follow our Facebook Page or Twitter to be notified of new developments:

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