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Please read the following important information before attending a megagame run by SWMG.


All attendees must be over 18. We occasionally allow exceptions for 16-17s so long as they are accompanied by a parent or similar legal guardian. This must be agreed with the organiser in advance.


We ask that you do not bring any alcohol to the game. It is long and challenging and we believe it is in everyone's best interests that alcoholic drinks be left until the post-game social.


It is not permitted to illegitimately acquire game materials. Do not take counters, resource markers or any important game materials from other teams/players or the Control table (unless allowed to by mechanics outlined in the rulebook, or explicitly permitted by Control). This breaks the feel of the game and can spoil things for a lot of people - remember that for many people, megagames are only played rarely, and anything that might spoil the game is more significant in this context. In a lot of megagames, deception and crooked actions are part of the game - but it should be common sense which actions are allowable as being 'within the game's world' and which are simply bad sportsmanship.


You must treat other players with respect and courtesy at all times. Violence and harassment are not permitted. Anyone considered to be acting in this way will lose their place in the game. Megagames contain a lot of potential for unfair actions as well as in-character roleplaying, aggression and (verbal) conflict - a good amount of leniency is allowed within this as to player behaviour, but it should be common sense as to the difference between this and unacceptable behaviour.

SWMG seeks to maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment, and harassment or unfair treatment of other players based on appearance, sex, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or religion is not tolerated.

If, during a game, another player's behaviour has upset you, please make Control aware of this immediately so we can resolve the situation. The vast majority of the time, these are misunderstandings or unintentional mistakes, where the player involved is genuinely apologetic and the game can continue.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.

John Mizon, South West Megagames

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