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Roles Guide for 'PlanetFall'

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Game Description

The year is 2122. Earth is, as always, beset by many problems. Resource shortages and environmental damage are causing major issues, and humanity looks outward in search of solutions. With accelerated developments in faster-than-light space travel and terraforming, it was only a matter of time before the Nations and megacorporations of Earth found a suitable planet to carve out a new home on - and with it, possibly find humanity's salvation.

The planet was named 'Iris', after the Ancient Greek goddess who was the connection between the gods and humanity. The most suitable location was scouted out and discovered - an area surrounded by thick vegetation and also major mineral and resource deposits. The colony needed many people and resources to be self sufficient - however there was no shortage of citizens and businesses interested in taking part. The real challenge was always whether this mass of people, isolated from their old home, would be able to work together, or fall into infighting and conflict...


'PlanetFall' is a megagame about resource management, trading and politics. Players will take on the roles of various Earth governments and megacorporations as they shape Iris' future, either towards prosperity and safety... or doom and destruction.


The game has a focus on resource gathering and utilisation, but these go hand in hand with key political elements, primarily trading and deal-brokering, as well as the legislative and diplomatic actions of the government of Iris.

Built For Online!

PlanetFall is designed from the ground up to be played online. It's a somewhat shorter and (slightly) simpler megagame than average.

What do the different roles do?


If you are interested in the game, you can look at the Roles Guide to find out more about the different playable roles and determine which is right for you.

When can I play PlanetFall?

South West Megagames do not currently have any scheduled  dates for running PlanetFall. If you want to know when new games are announced, email us and ask to be added to our mailing list!

You can also follow our Facebook Page or Twitter to be notified of new developments:

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Can I run PlanetFall?

I don't currently have a design pack for PlanetFall available if you would like to run it yourself, however it might be available in the future. Please let me know at if you would be interested in running PlanetFall. If you are interested in running megagames, or similar kinds of games (including smaller, easier to run games) yourself, you can find all of my available design packs on the 'Games for Sale' page.

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