A New Megagame: A World Divided

I am very excited to announce a new megagame for South West Megagames - and also the first megagame that I have designed. A World Divided is a megagame about a rebellion on a far-off planet, Rosal - where the local government has defected from Earth, and several major colonies now have to choose which side they're on, as a massive fleet arrives to combat the revolutionary forces.

I've taken some inspiration for the design from lots of the megagames I've played, so players might find some familiar elements here and there throughout this new game. I'd like to say thanks to everybody out there designing and running megagames - I'd never have heard of these games without your efforts - and I certainly wouldn't have felt comfortable designing one if I'd never been to any games myself.

If you are interested in playing A World Divided, I am running it in Swindon on 7th October 2017, at Moredon Community Centre (1 The St, Swindon, SN25 3ER). You can join the Facebook group for Megagames in Swindon where updates will be posted. Reservations are available for those who are interested in attending.

If A World Divided proves popular, I'll look into bringing it to other cities such as Reading and Bristol.

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