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Infinite Horizons returns! - Bristol 11/01/20

I'm excited to announce the first game for the SWMG 2020 calendar!

'Infinite Horizons', the sci fi game of colonisation, cooperation, capitalism and conflict, will be returning to Frenchay Village Hall (Bristol BS16 1NU) on 11th January 2020. If you played it last time, here's your opportunity to give it another go from a new perspective. However, if the game is new to you:

- 'Set in a sci-fi future that's all too familiar, Infinite Horizons explores the development of a new human colony on a far-flung world - an untouched paradise called 'Niwa'. Various political, manufacturing, scientific, and financial factions will all be taking a key role in shaping the civic, industrial and political development of the colony during its first few years. There will be new challenges to overcome, and some unexpected threats - both internal and external - that must be dealt with. Meanwhile, all of the factions will be trying to balance the interests of the colony itself with the needs of their sponsors back on Earth. During the course of Infinite Horizons, players will explore how humanity can overcome its differences and work together to achieve great things - and how ambition, greed, nationalism and self-interest can undermine even the best intentions. Is it possible to balance the two? Could a mission of such grand scale bring people of all nations, creeds and corporations together? Or in the end, will it be just another tool in the struggle for power?' -

The game will be held at Frenchay Village Hall (Beckspool Rd, Winterbourne, Bristol BS16 1NU) on the 11th January 2020. The game will run all day from about 10am to about 5pm.

You can join the Facebook group for Megagames in Bristol where updates will be posted.

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