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Urban Nightmare: Ouisconsin

What is 'Urban Nightmare'?

The zombie apocalypse trope is well established in literature, movies, computer and board games. And in megagames too, with the first series of Urban Nightmare megagames being played in 2012 by the Megagame Makers.

As a megagame, the Urban Nightmare games explore the higher level decision making that takes place during a major (potentially existential) crisis. In the movies and other games the zombie trope generally focuses on the individual or on small groups of survivors in a post zombie-ravaged world, but rarely explores how the world gets to that state. It all just happened and got out of control.

In a megagame we can really look at how things get that far out of control. Or not. In the emerging gameplay of a megagame the outcome is entirely open to the consequences of player decisions and their interactions.

In the original "Urban Nightmare", the game focused on one city - Romero City, using a 'closed map' system. A new version of the game, 'Urban Nightmare: State of Chaos' was played in 2017, which included five cities within the state, as well as taking the action to an 'open map' style. 'Urban Nightmare: Ouisconsin' is a new version for South West Megagames, using the one-city and closed map style of the original, with some of the ideas and concepts from 'State of Chaos'.

What is a 'Closed Map' game?

Players familiar with 'State of Chaos' and other open map megagames will be used to an 'Open Map' style. 'Open Map' means that players can see the map and the units that are on it, as well as often having direct control over the units, and seeing unit movements and interactions as they happen.

In a 'Closed Map' game, like Urban Nightmare: Ouisconsin, the map and units cannot be seen by the players, and are kept in a separate room. Instead, players give their units orders, which are handed to Control, who then resolve those actions on the map on their behalf. Control also inform the players of what they know about the map situation based on what their units would be able to report back to them.

Teams have reference maps so that they know what the area looks like, but it is up to the players themselves to keep track of what they know about the situation using written notes and marking the reference map.

A closed map game therefore allows for a more realistic representation of the kind of "fog of war" problems seen in crisis and conflict situations, where the people making decisions often lack detailed information about what is going on. It also puts greater emphasis on discussion and information gathering, as different teams will have knowledge of different parts of the ongoing situation.

What do the different roles do?


If you are interested in the game, you can look at the Roles Guide to find out more about the different playable roles and determine which is right for you.

Where can I play Urban Nightmare: Ouisconsin?

South West Megagames are not currently running any games of Urban Nightmare: Ouisconsin. If you would like to know when new games are announced, you can contact us and ask to join our mailing list.

You can also follow our Facebook Page or Twitter to be notified of new developments:

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