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Provisional Cast List for Crisis in Elysium

Bristol - 27/01/18

Note: this game was played on 27/01/18. Reservations/bookings are no longer available. If you are interested in playing a megagame, take a look at the games coming in future in the Upcoming Games section.

This is a provisional cast list for the Crisis in Elysium megagame in Bristol, showing all the people who have reserved their place and their assigned roles. If you would like to play but there isn't a space available, put in a reservation anyway and you will be added to the waiting list. You will then be notified of any available spaces that come up due to cancellations.


Game Control

Deputy Game Control

Lead Map Control - Core

Map Control - Core


Lead Map Control - Western Heights

Map Control - Western Heights

Lead Map Control - Neo-Elysium

Map Control - Neo-Elysium

Political Control


Lead Faction Control

Faction Control

Faction Control


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Earth Governments

United States of Northern America (USNA)

Commander, USNA Marine Expeditionary Force

Deputy Commander, USNA Marine Expeditionary Force

USNA Marine Operational Commander - The Core

USNA Marine Operational Commander - Western Heights

USNA Marine Operational Commander - Neo-Elysium

USNA Ambassador To Mars

CIA Elysium Station Chief

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European Union (EU)

EU Special Envoy To Mars

Commander, Martian Brigade

Operations Commander, Martian Brigade, The Core Dome


Operations Commander, Martian Brigade, Western Heights Dome

Operations Commander, Martian Brigade, Neo-Elysium Dome

EU Federal Intelligence, Martian Command

Senior EU Diplomat, Martian Embassy

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Greater Chinese Republic (GCR)

GCR Consul

Political Officer

Commander, Martian Security Force

Operations Officer, Martian Security Force

Deputy Commander, Martian Security Force

Special Envoy To Elysium

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Federated States Of India (FSI)

Commandant FSI Commercial & Naval Spaceport

Commander FSI Martian Naval Detachment

Commander FSI Marines, Martian Detachment

Deputy Commander FSI Marines, Martian Detachment

Military Attache, FSI Consulate

FSI Ambassador To Mars

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Red Mars

Leader Of Red Mars

Commander, Elysium City Cells

Commander, The Core Active Service Unit

Commander, Western Heights Active Service Unit

Commander, Neo-Elysium Active Service Unit

Head Of Internal Security

Member Of Martian Parliament, Ares Ward

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Green Mars

Chair, Green Mars Political Council

Deputy Chair, Green Mars Political Council

Commander, Elysium Regional Command

Professor Of Political Science, Mars University

Neo-Elysium Terraforming Committee Chair

“Free Mars” Political Liaison

Member Of Martian Parliament, Campus Park Ward

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Senior Representative, Utopian Campaign Coalition

Senior Spokesperson, Utopian Campaign Coalition

Direct Action Coordinator, Utopian Campaign Coalition

Senior Comrade, Elysium Neo-Anarchists Collective

Leader, New Dawn Commune

Leader, New Ares

Commander, Martian Revolutionary Front

Member Of Martian Parliament, Elysium Terraces Ward

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One Humanity

Chairman, Inner Council

Chief Of Staff, Elysium Defense Force

Commander, The Core Brigade

Commander, Western Heights Brigade

Commander, Neo-Elysium Brigade

Head Of Internal Security, Elysium Defense Force

Member Of Martian Parliament, Olympus Heights Ward

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The Church Of The True Martians

High Priest

Deacon Of The Blade

Leader Of The Flock, The Core

Leader Of The Flock, Western Heights

Leader Of The Flock, Neo-Elysium

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Other Factions

The Martian Colonial Authority (MCA)

Governor Of Mars

Mayor Of Elysium

Chief Of Elysium City Police Department (ECPD)

ECPD Operations Commander Core Dome

ECPD Operations Commander Western Heights Dome

ECPD Operations Commander Neo-Elysium Dome

Speaker Of The Martian Parliament

Member Of Martian Parliament, Under Elysium Ward

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Ares Security

Commander & CEO


Commander, The Core Corporate Division

Commander, Western Heights Corporate Division

Commander, Neo-Elysium Corporate Division

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Martian Daily News


Political Correspondent

Security Correspondent

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