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Crisis In Britannia

Game Description

Crisis in Britannia is a megagame about tribal, political and military operations at the time of the Roman invasion of Britain. The game has been designed by Jim Wallman, creator of 'Watch The Skies!'.


Set in the first century AD, the majority of the players are tribesmen - the most prominent Chiefs of the major tribes - with other players representing Druids, Bards and Romans.

Tribal players will be engaging with politics, leadership, honour and bravado both with other tribes and within their own. A smaller team of players will be the Romans, facing demanding political and military challenges both in their efforts in Albion and elsewhere in the empire. Meanwhile, Druids will be acting as envoys and also explaining the will of the gods, and Bards will be wandering the land, learning of tall tales and inspiring feats.

The game is intended to be a reasonably realistic simulation of the political and social scene of the period. The cultures of the time will have a significant influence on decision making and public standing. Players will need to make sure they adhere to the traditions of their tribe (or Empire) when making decisions, brokering alliances, or managing their people.

Players familiar with 'Watch The Skies!' can expect fewer UN sessions and crisis talks with heads of state - and can expect more tales and speeches told over feasts, and factoring in signs from the gods (down to the player's interpretation...) when making big decisions. Of course, they can also expect more raids and duels!

This game is a hybrid of roleplaying and historical simulation, with some boardgame elements.

What do the different roles do?


If you are interested in the game, you can look at the Roles Guide to find out more about the different playable roles and determine which is right for you.

Where can I play Crisis in Britannia?

South West Megagames are not currently running any games of Crisis in Britannia. If you would like to know when new games are announced, you can contact us and ask to join our mailing list.

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