Why A Megagames Blog?

Would it be awfully trite to say “Why not?”?. The answer is yes. So instead I am forced to actually write down some reasons.

1. I like to talk about megagames

Just ask anyone unlucky enough to share a car ride with me to or from a megagame, and they'll verify that I can chat about these things for hours. It's good to have a place to release all my thoughts onto the world. Especially a place where people are less likely risk jumping out of a vehicle at high-speed from excessive boredom.

2. I like to talk about game design

As an example, my YouTube and social media feeds are filled with people talking about video game design, but I know about nothing about coding or programming (I know “Linux” is a thing people use, unless it isn't, and oh no now everyone knows how stupid I am). I just love analysing game design, be it video-, board- or mega-. When I was a child I used to take apart toys with moving parts to see how they worked, and in a way, I suppose I still do [dramatic music plays].

3. So more people hear about megagames (hopefully)

I could be wrong, but I still feel like the majority of the people out there who would love these games still haven't heard about them. Hopefully if a few people read this blog, a few other people will find out about this website, and by extension, these fantastic games. I hadn't actually thought about doing a megagames blog until I saw a Social Quirk article (coincidentally written by Megagame Makers' own Becky Ladley) about attracting attention to your website – so based on that advice I really do hope that a few more people see this website now than would have done so without it.

Now we've got the positives out, I'd like to attach a couple of general provisos to my future posts. Firstly, I'm aware that it's not the newest of ideas – After Action Reports and other write-ups of megagame experiences have been around for a long, long time. Secondly, I'm not nearly as experienced as some of the other megagamers out there: as of writing, it's still less than a year since I was at my first megagame, and I can count the number I've attended on my hands (but only just). In other words, my perspective is far from being the only one, or the most experienced.

In summation, I look forward to writing about future megagames from my partly-analytical but also partly-highly enthusiastic perspective. All I can do now is hope that you will enjoy reading them.


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