A New Megagame: Crisis In Britannia

I am excited to announce a new megagame for South West Megagames. Crisis in Britannia is a megagame about tribal political and military operations at the time of the Roman invasion of Britain. Set in the first century AD, players are Celtic Chiefs, Druids, Bards and Romans. The game is a hybrid of roleplaying and historical simulation, with some board game elements.

The game was designed by Jim Wallman, the designer of 'Watch The Skies!'. Crisis in Britannia has a different feel to WTS, in that it attempts to recreate the cultures of the historical period and their significant influence on decision making and public standing. Players will need to make sure they adhere to the traditions of their tribe (or Empire) when making decisions, brokering alliances, or managing their people.

If you are interested in the upcoming Crisis In Britannia game in Bristol, join the Facebook group for Megagames in Bristol where updates will be posted. The game will be held at Frenchay Village Hall on January 28th 2017. To be notified when reservations become available, follow our Facebook Page or Twitter.

If Crisis in Britannia proves popular, I'll look into bringing it to other cities such as Cheltenham and Oxford.

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