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Urban Nightmare: Ouisconsin - Swindon

I am happy to announce another run of 'Urban Nightmare: Ouisconsin' will be taking place on 25th August 2018 at Moredon Community Centre in Swindon (1 The St, Swindon SN25 3ER). The reception was really positive both runs of the game so far, and so I'm glad to be bringing it out again, this time to Swindon.

The game is based on the original 'Urban Nightmare' game, designed by Jim Wallman for the Megagame Makers, with some ideas and mechanics taken from the recent 'Urban Nightmare: State of Chaos' version that was played on 1st of July. My thanks go out to Jim Wallman and all those who have previously helped organise and run games of Urban Nightmare, for inspiring me to run my own version and providing the original design concepts.

You can join the Facebook group for Megagames in Swindon where updates will be posted.

Reservations are available for those who are interested in attending.

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