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Watch The Skies: Second Sight - Cardiff

I'm bringing WTS: Second Sight for a second run on 9th March 2019 at Cathays Community Centre in Cardiff (36-38 Cathays Terrace, Cardiff CF24 4HX).

'Watch The Skies: Second Sight' is a re-design of the version of version of 'Watch The Skies!' run previously by South West Megagames. There are a couple of reasons why I wanted to bring back 'Watch The Skies!'.

Firstly, there were a number of new players who had only got into megagames recently and said they wanted an opportunity to play this game (as well as a few older players who still wanted to play it again!). Secondly, I wanted to take a second attempt at the game, using the feedback of the previous runs, as well as everything I've learned from the last few years, to produce an even more interesting and accessible gaming experience.

You can join the Facebook group for Megagames in Cardiff where updates will be posted.

The game has a discount price for new megagamers - and anyone bringing a new megagamer with them. See the reservation page for details.

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