Urban Nightmare - Online - 17/04/21

Whilst it might be a while before in-person megagames can come back, here is an unexpected update for the SWMG schedule! Jim Wallman, designer of the original 'Watch The Skies', has redesigned and reformatted his classic game 'Urban Nightmare' to be played smoothly online. I helped him run this new version of the game previously for a group of students, and afterwards Jim offered to run it for South West Megagames - and I thought that some of you might enjoy something new on the schedule to help keep us going until more megagames start coming up!

'Urban Nightmare' is a game about a zombie outbreak in a fictional US state - players take on the roles of politicians, corporations, police, emergency services, the military and more, as everyone tries to coordinate (and maybe also make sly political maneuvers) during a time of crisis.

You can find all the information here on the website, as usual:


The game will be on the 17th April, from about 10am to 4:30pm (BST). Regular player tickets are £20, Control are £5 (but you don't need to pay anything to sign up right now - just head to the reservation page). The game takes place using Discord, Google Sheets and Conceptboard, but these are all free and help on how to get ready will be made available if necessary before the game (don't worry though it's pretty easy).

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