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Watch The Skies!

Looking for Watch the Skies?

If you've found this page, it's possible you're looking for more information on 'Watch The Skies' megagames. There are a lot of variations of WTS out there, and the one described here is a bit of an old one. Please visit the page on 'Watch The Skies: Second Sight' to see the current version of the game which is still being run today, or check out our Upcoming Games for all the megagames that we're running in the near future.


You can also email us at and ask to be added to our mailing list if you want to know when new megagames, including Watch The Skies, are announced.

What is 'Watch The Skies!'?

'Watch The Skies' is a megagame about international relations, conflict and high level diplomacy.

It also involves mysterious and threatening aliens from outer space.

Inspired by the XCOM videogames, the basic premise is that unknown aliens are increasingly visiting earth to abduct, investigate, terrorise and ultimately to subvert and take over or perhaps render earth weak enough to invade.

The main part of the game is about how humanity as a collection of political entities decides to react to this.

This game is a hybrid of board game, RPG and political simulation, with the majority of the players representing the scientists, diplomats, military leaders and politicians of the world's most influential nations, and a smaller group of players representing the aliens.

What do the different roles do?


For a guide to the different player roles available - click here

Where can I play 'Watch The Skies!'?

South West Megagames are not currently running any games of Watch The Skies. However, SWMG does often run games of Watch The Skies Second Sight, an updated version of the same game.


If you would like to know when new games are announced, you can contact us and ask to join our mailing list.

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