'Watch The Skies: Second Sight' - Cheltenham - 21/03/20

A little over four years ago today, on the 10th October 2015, in Swindon Village Hall in Cheltenham, I achieved two major megagame "firsts". I simultaneously attended my first megagame and ran my first megagame. The game was, unsurprisingly, 'Watch The Skies!' (back then, still in more or less its first incarnation as designed by Jim Wallman in 2014). At the time it just seemed like something that would be fun to do - a diversion, an experiment maybe. It wasn't until afterwards that I would fall in love with the megagame genre to the point of making it my main day-to-day activity and start designing my own original megagames!

So it's with some sentimentality that I announce the next game for 2020 is going to be 'Watch The Skies: Second Sight' in Cheltenham! Though revamped and reformatted somewhat, it retains the core and the spirit of the original, and it will certainly be something to see those old flags and that sense of alien mystery in Cheltenham again.

More information and sign ups can be found on the game's page.

WTS: Second Sight is a game about high-level political decisions during a crisis of extraterrestrial proportions. The majority of players represent various major nations, and the game is all about how this collection of different political entities decide to react to increased activity from a mysterious alien presence.

This game is more accessible (both thematically and mechanically) to those who have never tried a megagame before, so I'll be offering a discounted price (when bookings open) for this event to anyone who has never played a megagame before and anyone who brings a new megagamer with them. Hopefully, if you've got some friends out there who wanted to give megagames a try but were a bit unsure, this might sway them!

The game will be held at Swindon Village Community Hall (Church Rd, Swindon Village, Cheltenham GL51 9QP) on the 21st March 2020. The game will run all day from about 10am to about 5pm.

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